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Doctorate of Wiccan Ministry (DDw)


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Program Overview:


At this level, the student is working very independently.  Candidates will submit a proposal for their Doctorate Work also referred to as a Great Work which will make a unique contribution to the expansion of Wicca in the 21st Century.  This proposal must be approved by the Seminary and accepted by a supervising High Priest/Priestess. The candidate must be a practicing Wiccan in order to enter the program and provide a statement on why they are seeking their doctorate degree with Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary.


Acceptance into the program is dependent upon:


  • The Great Work being approved and a supervising High Priest/Priestess accepting the candidate.
  • A Master’s of Ministry from WSTS or a Master’s Degree in a related area is required to enter this program.


*All candidates will be required to take and pass the Wiccan Skills Assessment before acceptance into the program.


Once the Great Work is approved and a supervising Priest/Priestess has been assigned, the student will proceed with the project.  Oversight is provided by the supervising Priest/Priestess and documentation for the Great Work will be submitted to them.  Documentation will include but is not limited to anecdotal reports on the project as a whole, financial reports, marketing/promotion reports and if a product is involved sales reports, as well as website development.  All of this will be a part of the final Dissertation that the student will produce after the project is completed.


In addition to the Great Work, a student will take classes from the Doctorate level as determined by their supervising Priest/Priestess to total  36 credit hours.  These classes must include a Research class, Selected Topical Readings Class, and a Literature Review Class.


Each Doctoral  Candidate is expected to perform sacred service with the Undergraduate program of WSTS. This includes facilitating workshops, programs, classes, and activities on the Second Life® platform and in person.


Field Internship hours will be required in addition to the above course requirements.  If the student has earned a Masters of Ministry with WSTS and the internship hours for that degree are in the same field as the Great Work, then those hours will be applied to the required Doctorate hours.


The Doctorate study takes a minimum of two years to complete.  Students applying to the Doctorate Program should already have an idea of what their Great Work will be.




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