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Master's Program Overview:


At this level, the student begins to work in a more independent fashion and begins to pinpoint their ministerial focus and how it affects the larger Wiccan community.  Acceptance into the program requires a Bachelor’s of Ministry from Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary or a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field  and a verifiable Wiccan Second Degree that demonstrates the students mastery of the WSTS core Bachelor’s Curriculum.   All candidates will be required to take and pass the Wiccan Skills Assessment and if they do not have a Bachelor’s Degree from WSTS they must take some freshmen core classes before acceptance into the program.


The Master’s study takes a minimum of two years to complete.  Students need 48 credit hours total to graduate.  This consists of the core required classes, field internship and the focus area coursework.


Field Internship hours will be required in addition to the above course requirements. The Field internship is overseen by the Seminary, but it is up to the student to arrange an acceptable internship.  The Seminary reserves the right to accept or reject any proposed placement.  The Seminary will assist in facilitating the student finding an acceptable internship.


Each Master’s Candidate is expected to perform sacred service with the Undergraduate program of WSTS. This includes facilitating workshops, programs, classes, and activities on the Second Life® platform and in person.


Specialty Areas of Concentration:


  • Interfaith/ Wiccan Community Relations
  • Wiccan Education


Core Required Classes:


WICCA 530: Ethics and Wiccan Law

The ethics of clergy are studied with an emphasis on personal and professional behavior.


WICCA 550A, 550B, 550C:  Introduction to Teaching

Learn the techniques of effective teaching, including practical methodology, communication and the psychology of teacher/student relations.


WICCA 510 : Comparative Religions

The competition between the Celtic and Roman churches, and the restructuring of relationships which violated the Pagan ethos. Explore the rivalry between matrifocal Paganism and patriarchal Christianity in the Dark Ages, and the legacy of the Inquisition.


WICCA  555A: Introduction to Church Legal Issues :Directed Reading

Explore the legal issues facing Wiccan churches and clergy, and discuss the best and most effective ways and means of handling any issue which may arise. Use of legal research resources will be covered.


WICCA 556: The Psychology of Leadership (Antagonist in the Church and Leadership of Attila the Hun) Doctorate Level

Learn leadership techniques, skills and ethics, how to handle group dynamics and effective management of both small and large groups. Practical experience will be provided.


HEAL 530: Pastoral Counseling 1

Introduction to the basic pastoral counseling skills that members of the clergy needs to master. Strong focus on responsibility and ethics implemented into the course material.


HEAL 531: Pastoral Counseling 2

 The  challenges of being  Clergy without an advanced degree in psychology have been one of the hallmarks of Spiritual/Pastoral Counselors in all faiths. In fact, these challenges have lead to many discrepancies and issues between the professional counseling field and the professional clergy field. Many of the  issues clergy and psychologists face with their clients are the same, however as clergy we deal with the ethics and practices of faith that exacerbate these issues that all parishioners and frankly clergy face. This course focuses on those boundaries and begins to develop the skills necessary to become strong Spiritual Counselors and clergy


HEAL 532: Pastoral Counseling 3

As Pagan and Wiccan clergy there is another level of challenges related to the mis-information about Wicca as well as some deep rooted resentment to religion and spirituality.This course will assist you in dealing with these issues with the ability to assist parishioners to lead balanced and harmonious lives. It focuses on the appropriate legal and reporting issues as well as appropriate documentation.


Wicca 590 Independent Study

Each student is required to complete an independent study within their concentration area.


Wicca 598 Field Internship

Students will complete 2 semesters of an in-person field internship in an area that compliments their focus area.



*Plus Concentration area classes




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