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Our Associate of Ministry program is carefully designed to deepen both your understanding of the Wiccan Path, and your personal connection with The Goddess.  Using our unique Spiral Path Method,  we offer a strong foundation of  initiatory philosophies and practices that will serve you as you move further along your path. Your second year will focus on attuning to the Wheel of The Year. This process uses the sacred calendar as a map for your soul’s growth. Your journey through the seasons will be a journey into your self. You will focus on the different energy of each season, embodying it, ritualizing it, and cultivating a relationship with it through daily devotionals.  Whether you are working towards a career in ministry, or simply taking these classes for your own personal enrichment, you will be provided with the tools you need to strengthen your contact with the Divine in All Things.


In your Freshman studies, you will:


  • Be introduced to the magical realms of the mind, body, emotions and spirit.
  • Learn to create sacred space and how to invoke the Gods.
  • Discover the Wheel of the Year, and why we celebrate the holy days.
  • Become confident in casting circle and calling quarters in your own personal rituals.
  • Build a practice based on your beliefs and your personal contract with the divine.


In your Sophomore studies, you will:


  • Fine tune your focus with chakra studies and exercises
  • Embody archetypes
  • Explore sacred iconography and decipher symbolism
  • Decode planetary influences
  • undergo the rites of passage necessary to prepare the soul for initiation
  • Learn the techniques and tools for divination


Freshman Classes – Magical Training 101


The following are the classes required to complete your first year of studies.  Admissions are rolling, and students may enter first year training at any time of the year.  All classes must be completed before second year classes may be taken.


  • Wicca 101/102/103 – Wiccan Basics
  • Wicca 106 – The Wheel of the Year
  • Wicca 110-History of Wicca
  • Ritual 101 – Ritual Construction – Creating Sacred Space
  •  2 Electives of your Choice


Sophomore Classes – Magical Training 201


  • Wicca 201 – Attuning to the Wheel
  • Magic 201- Crystals
  • Magic 252 – Chakras
  • Magic 261 – Astrology – The Planets
  • Magic 272 – Symbolism
  • Ritual 201 – Ancient Rites




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