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The Wiccan Cauldron - The Merchant's Ministry

Cauldron Priest/ess - Learn the art of counseling store visitors and finding just the right products to help them down their spiritual path.

Store Management - Learn to facilitate and maintain the store and inventory, complete product education, and maintain financial security so that the ministry can perpetuate itself.

Contact: Store@atcwicca.org

Journalism - Panegyria - The Writer’s Ministry


Panegyria Writer - Learn to express your magical thoughts with pen and paper, and have a platform to share them with the world.


Magazine Editor - Learn how to run a pagan magazine, talk to famous pagans, and motivate writers to contribute to your magazine.


Contact: Editor@atcwicca.org

Publishing House - Wiccan Press - The Author’s Ministry


Author - Submit your books for publication


Staff - Learn to edit, publish and market books to the pagan public.


Contact: Publisher@atcwicca.org

Education - WiccanSeminary.EDU - The Teacher’s Ministry

Administration - Be a part of staff at WiccanSeminary.EDU. Learn how to facilitate a space both logistically and energetically for developing magical students.


Faculty - Become a member of our amazing magical teaching team, and be an inspiration in the lives of others.


Contact: Bella@atcwicca.org

Media Outreach - Pagan Information Network - The Performer’s Ministry



Media Production - Video and Audio Media is the future of communication.


If you like communicating ideas in sound and sight, Pagan Information Network ATCPIN.org wants you.


Media Producer - Motivate, and wrangle artists to produce grassroots pagan media.


Contact: HP@atcwicca.org


Prison Ministries - The Champion’s Ministry


Learn how to safely minister to incarcerated witches and how to successfully perform magic in restricted environments with limited resources.


Learn to protect the civil rights of those, who cannot protect themselves,

and how to teach life skills to those  who need help the most.


Contact: Chaplain@atcwicca.org

Youth Ministries - SpiralScouts, Intl. - The Parent’s Ministry



Form troops and build a firm foundation for our children to learn to live magical lives.


Contact: domhnulla@yahoo.ca

History and Artifact Preservation - Museum - The Historian’s Ministry



Museum staff - Learn how to care for magical artifacts. This involves their cleaning, storing, recording, and lending.


Museum Curator - Managing all the different aspects of running a magical museum


Contact: Curator@atcwicca.org

Social Media and PR - Public Relations Department - The Communicator’s Ministry



Public Relations staff - Help create and maintain positive relations with the church and community. Monitor the spiritual needs of the public and notify management. Communicate specified uplifting messages on social media.


Website Design and IT - are websites your thing? We need help manageing, updating, and keeping our magical websites serving the pagan public


Ad Art - use your artistic talents to create exciting advertisements to help witches find us.


PR Director - Manage public knowledge on social Media


Contact: Bella@atcwicca.org

Festival Production and Facilitation - The Eleusinian Ministry


Festival Staff - Participate as staff in any of the many departments involved in running a festival.


Department Director - Lead a department and manage volunteers throughout the festival planning and production.


Festival Director - Produce and Facilitate festivals


Contact: Highpriestess@atcwicca.org

Spiritual Counseling - Fortune.Today - The Healer’s Ministry


Learn many variations of divination, oracular channeling and healing disciplines, to bring balance, health, and wholeness to those seeking help.


Contact: Bella@atcwicca.org


Fund-raising and Grants Department - The Philanthropist Ministry



Participate in the research, writing, and securing of grants for our many ministries.


Engineer and execute fundraising projects for Wiccan Churches and groups.


Contact: Grantsdept@atcwicca.org

Online Ministry - SacredCauldron.org - The Web-Spinner’s Ministries


Be a part of the amazing team at Sacred Cauldron, the ATC’s online ministry. From the privacy of your own home, and safely behind your computer monitor, help lead other witches from around the world, who meet in a dynamic 3D Virtual world for daily worship and fellowship.


Contact: Online.dean@wiccanseminary.edu

Church Administration - Mother Church or Affiliate - Coven Ministries


Do you long to be a part of a coven? Do you want to know the mysteries of initiatory service? Do you envision yourself leading rituals, and helping serve at a local church? Then start attending one in your local area, and look around to see where you can lend a hand and help.


Contact: Bella@atcwicca.org


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