Theological Seminary


Theological Seminary


Belladonna LaVeau
Dean of the Seminary

Bella is the Archpriestess of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, Intl. She also currently serves as Dean of Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary. Bella’s book, Awakening Spirit, is used by our US Military to help chaplains minister to Wiccan Troops, and is part of the Freshman core curriculum in the Seminary. A Navy veteran, mother of three, and spiritual counselor, Bella is a 10 year veteran of full-time Wiccan ministry.

Kara D. Williams
Dean of Education

Kara Drachnyd holds a BA in Sociology and a Master’s of Education with a graduate level certification as a Media Specialist. She has spent 20 years researching and documenting Middle Eastern Dance and Women’s History – earning a Laurel in the Society of Creative Anachronism. She is a 3rd Degree Initiate under Lady Belladonna Laveau/Covenant of Wise, ATC Inc .

Anastacia Sylvester
Dean of Ministry

Anastacia Sylvester (aka Stacia) is a third degree Wiccan Priestess and Reiki Master. She is the HPs for Covenant of WISE and is the of Dean of Ministry for Sacred Cauldron. Stacia works as a clinical therapist with a Master’s in Social Work, and is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

Full Faculty

Dusty Dionne

High Priest of the Mother Church in Index, WA. and High Summoner of the ATC, Intl. A lifelong student of the craft, his work is in the political and media arenas. Dusty is also Dean of Marketing and Public Relations at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary.

Mary Malinski

Mary Malinski is a third degree priestess of the ATC Tradition and High Maiden of ATC Canada. She is the High Priestess of the Circle of the Sacred Muse, a Life Coach and Reiki Master-Teacher. Mary has earned her Associate Degree through the Seminary.

Phoenix Silverstar

Phoenix Silverstar is a 3rd degree High Priestess in the WISE tradition of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church. Phoenix is a doctoral student at WSTS, and holds a Master's degree in Wiccan Ministry, teaching concentration, from WSTS. In the mundane world, Phoenix has a Ph.D. in Physics and in Electrical Engineering. Her mundane Bachelor's was in Physics and Mathematics.

Adjunct Faculty

Gavin Bone

Gavin Bone is an initiate of Seax-Wica, and The Alexandrian Tradition (3rd Degree). He is an established Author and lecturer on Witchcraft and Paganism, specializing in Energy Healing and Rune Craft. He is responsible with his wife (Janet Farrar) for the establishment of several progressive covens worldwide. He holds an Ordination and Recognition in the ATC (3rd) and induction into the Eleusinian Priesthood (1999). He was granted an HonoraryDoctorate of Ministry by the Woolston-Steen Seminary in 2016.

Trisha Parker

Trisha, a BA graduate of WSTS , is a 2nd degree ATC WISE priestess and a 2nd degree Gardnerian in her local Florida coven. She is Bookkeeper for the Aquarian Tabernacle Church; Coordinator of Phoenix Festivals, a Pagan festival located in central Florida, and professional Tarot reader.

Terry Riley

Rev. Terry Riley was ordained by the ATC in 1993. He is the founding High Priest of The Southern Delta Church of Wicca – ATC, established in 1994, in Lake City, AR.

Talyn Songdog

Reverand Talyn Songdog is a recognized ATC 3rd Degree Wiccan Priest in the Gardenarian tradition. He is a Scion of the Church of All Worlds and a certified Clergical Counselor.

Lillith Threefeathers

Lillith ThreeFeathers has studied Goddess Spirituality and Shamanic practices for 40 years. Her initiation to Goddess took place in the turbulent Seventies. In 1988, she became a priestess of Lilith, a life changing experience. In addition, she is initiated as a priestess of Yemaya. Her publishing credits include 100 articles, several anthologies, and a forthcoming book.

Jack Grayle

Jack Grayle is an attorney who lives in Springfield, Illinois. He has studied ancient Hellenic devotional and magical practices for years, and locally leads a regular, open Prarie Moon Ritual and a private group that celebrates Hekate in her various manifestations. He has conducted workshops and rituals at the Pagan Spirit Gathering and Paganicon. His book of devotional hymns and rites, The Hekataeon, will be published by IXAXAAR in winter of 2018.


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