• Are you a real school?

     Yes. We are sponsored by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church and are recognized by the State of Washington Board of Higher Education as a Religious Seminary able to grant degrees in Wiccan Ministry.

  • Can I get a degree here?

    Yes, you can get an Associates, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate Degree in Wiccan Ministry. You can also earn a Wiccan traditional First, Second and Third Degree, if you choose the Initiatory Path, and are accepted into the program.

  • Are you accredited?

    No. Recognition from the state is what is needed for a school to be a legal degree granting body. Accreditation comes from a group of recognized schools forming an Accreditation Board and deciding on a standard for all schools to follow. We have made attempts with current non-recognized schools to form this Accreditation Board and the biggest thing holding us back as a collective community are finances. Wicca, as a whole, just doesn’t generate enough money yet, to allow for that type of progress. Our own college, which is the oldest, biggest and best in the nation, does not yet generate enough money to offer a reasonable wage to the teachers. Our staff is completely made up of volunteers. Therefore Wiccans will need to share more of their money with their religious institutions, churches, covens and schools before Wicca can have any Accredited Colleges.

  • What can I do with a degree in Wiccan Theology?

    Anything you could do with any other religious degree. People with religious degrees serve their chosen communities, teach, minister in social programs such as prison ministry, etc.

  • I'm Wiccan, but I don't want to be clergy - can I still take classes?

    Yes, you can! The student does not have follow the program in order to take classes and the Associates Degree is perfect for you. While the second year will require a bit more leadership work, it does not get into the more advanced clergy work.

  • I'm not Wiccan; is this program still for me?

    Yes, it can be. While our program is based on Wiccan principles - we do not teach a specific tradition. You are welcome to take any 100 class by itself. However, the classes do assume the student accepts the basics of Wiccan tenants such as Reincarnation, Energy, and Balance of the Universe.

  • How often and when are classes offered?

    Most classes meet once a week for an hour of live class time. Courses are offered twice a year in most cases so if you miss the earlier session, you can take a later session. Some classes offer two days/times as an option.

  • How much time will I need each week to do well in school?

    As a Freshman student, you will need to be "inworld" at the very least for your class lab(s) each week (approximately 1 hour per class). At this level, the other activities are optional, but the more time you can spend interacting with your classmates and teachers "inworld" – the better! It is necessary for us to get to know you. The actual homework consists of readings, and work to turn in. They have due dates, but you can work on them at your own pace. The average student spends about 5 hours on homework each week.

  • What happens if I can't complete my homework each week?

     Your homework must be complete before you elevate to the next class. In the entire coursework, there is only one year that has deadlines, and that is the Sophomore Year. It is a formal Year and a Day training, and in this year, meeting deadlines is part of your training. Your homework for Freshmen must be complete before you elevate to Sophomore, and Sophomore work must be on time for you to graduate Sophomore year. The other years allow you to go at your own pace.

  • I'm already an initiate. Can I get advanced placement?

    Yes, you can. Your initiation degree will grandfather you in to a higher degree. There are still core classes that every student has to take. If we can verify your degree through reputable sources, you will be recognized at that level. Each student is evaluated on an individual basis by our officers.

  • Where are you located?

    Our business office is located in Index, Washington. However, all of our classes are held online in a virtual classroom environment so that all students can participate from within their own homes, regardless of their location. Live classes are hosted online via the Second Life virtual world platform.

  • Do I have to participate in Second Life?

    You can earn your Associate's degree with us without participating in Second Life. If you wish to pursue higher degrees you will need to join us on the virtual campus.

  • What if my computer is old and won't run Second Life?

    There are many costs associated with going to college. A good computer is essential for a College in the physical world; this goes double for a college that is online. You could even consider that, in this day and age, your computer is as essential to your path as any other magical tool. You may need to upgrade your video card, or get a faster processor. This is going to cost you a few hundred dollars. Let me remind you that you are not paying for Dorm rooms, gas to drive to college, or even comparable college fees. Respect your needs and set aside the funds to upgrade your computer for your education.

  • Does it cost to be in Second Life?

    It does not cost anything to set up an account and create an avatar. You can attend the seminary and not spend any money on your virtual experience if you desire. Your basic avatar comes with a few outfits and items to get you started, and Woolston-Steen offers each student a free uniform to wear to class. You can also learn to build everything you need yourself – should you be inclined to do so.

  • Why do you require face-to-face training for initiations? I live a long way away, and cannot afford to travel.

    Quality! That is the best answer I can offer. We as Wiccans absolutely do not do those types of elevations over the Internet. It would degrade the potency of the position, the respect the community has for our clergy, and the impact of the mysteries gleaned from those holy rites. We do not foresee ever changing this policy.


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