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Welcome to Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, WiccanSeminary.EDU.

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                                           As a Freshman you will enjoy these Core Classes:


          • Accelerated Wicca - Magical Theory and Practice
          • Ritual Prep - Construction of Formal Ritual
          • Wheel of the Year - The Celebration of the Seasons
          • Wiccan Law - The Cultural Foundation of Wicca
          • History of Wicca - Know your Kindred


                                           AND choose 2 electives


          • Magic 110 - Living with Herbs
          • Magic 122 - Indo-European Shamanism
          • Magic 151 - Intro to Meditation
          • Myth 110 - Intro to Greek Mythology
          • Myth 120 - Intro to Celtic Mythology
          • Myth 140 - Intro to Norse Mythology
          • Myth 180 - Intro to Hindu Mythology
          • Ritual 105 - Sacred Fire Tending
          • Wicca 141 - British Wicca Tradition
          • Wicca 160 - Supporting the Pagan Family
          • Wicca 170 - Intro to Astrology


$1120.00 per year*

Most colleges charge $20,000.00 or more per year.

WSTS charges nearly 94% less to make education more affordable.

*Beta pricing is ending soon. Enroll now to lock in current tuition rates!

Individual classes are $160.00 each






After paying expect an email from Enrollment.

Not interested in a degree program, or want to add an extra elective beyond what's covered by tuition? You can add an elective or enroll in a single class using the form below.

Course Selection

Canceling will result in immediate dis-enrollment.


Service Accelerates your training.

Spend your time serving community at the School Campus.


Service Scholarship - If you do not work, and can put in 15+ hours a week, we can use your help at the school.


Professional Scholarship - If you see a need you have the skill to fix, let us know.  We are happy to trade schooling for professional services.  Working with the staff accelerates your training and helps you form relationships with the staff.


Refund Policy


Policy statement: Any student, who wishes to withdraw, must send a written withdrawal request to the enrollment (enroll@wiccanseminary.edu).  A student is not considered withdrawn until the withdrawal is received by the seminary.  Withdrawal notices sent to any other person (such as an instructor) are not valid.  A student who withdraws from all classes or drops one or more course no later than the first day of classes for the quarter, and has not opened more than the first class on the website, may obtain full refund of fees paid.  The portion of fees is determined by the date on which the completed withdrawal is received by the seminary.  Refunds for online classes are only available if the student has not opened any future class materials.  We cannot offer refunds if the student has accessed and had opportunity to copy the class materials.


1.  To receive a refund, a student must officially withdraw.  Charges shall continue to the day the student starts the official withdrawal process.  The student must contact the seminary to begin the withdrawal process.

2.  Tuition will be refunded to the following schedule:


                      Before classes begin - 100%

                      During 1st week - 75%

                      During 2nd week - 50%

                      After 2nd week - 0%


3.  No refund will be made for fees, purchased books or supplies.

4.  No refund will be issued for any student choosing the Subscription Option.

5.  No refund will be issued for any student dismissed due to behavior issues.

6.  The Seminary has 60 days from receiving the refund to process the request.

7.  This policy may be updated at any time.








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